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future tech Archives - Page 15 of 23 - Microsoft Devices BlogMicrosoft Devices Blog Menu RSS Facebook Twitter Windows 10 Devices Windows Developer Microsoft Edge Developer Business Search for: Submit Surface Lumia Microsoft Band Microsoft Hololens Posts in future tech December 29, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Best of 2008 in Future Technologies – Augmented reality By Microsoft Devices Team GLOBAL (physically and digitally) - The idea of interacting with the real world through a digital overlay is not Folks… Read more December 19, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Widgets getting a boost By Microsoft Devices Team ESPOO, Finland - Forum Nokia works hard to help developers create and promote applications on the S60 platform and now… Read more December 16, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Slashing development time By Microsoft Devices Team GLOBAL - Nokia and NXP, who have teamed up to work on a research project centred around device development, have… Read more November 21, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Hollywood Nokia lab dissects mobile entertainment DNA By Microsoft Devices Team HOLLYWOOD, USA - A new Nokia Research Center has sprouted Stateside in the country's entertainment Echoing the theme of the… Read more November 12, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Dreaming of a sensor-filled world By Microsoft Devices Team ESPOO, Finland - There are many interesting things going on in the company, but there are some things that catch… Read more November 10, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Traffic that works By Microsoft Devices Team SAN FRANCISCO, USA - We wrote about a trial going on in the US back in September where mobile phones… Read more November 3, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Way We Live Next interview with NFC man, Jeremy Belostock By Microsoft Devices Team ESPOO, Finland - We've spoken a few times about Near Field Communications (NFC). We even caught up with Jeremy Belostock,… Read more October 30, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices N96 World Tour meets Hugshirt By Microsoft Devices Team LONDON, UK - I am thrilled so far with the first stage of the N96 World I will admit that… Read more October 23, 2008 Lumia Nokia Games Summit showcases Nokia Maps gaming concept and loads more! By Microsoft Devices Team ROME, Italy - Undoubtedly thumbs will be worn down to the bone at the Nokia Games Summit which kicks off… Read more October 23, 2008 Lumia , Lumia Voices Rocket-speed 4G networks prepare for launch By Microsoft Devices Team GLOBAL - Looking backwards is healthy and can be entertaining, but it's no secret that the guiltiest vice of being… Read more Popular Articles Why Skimm’r and fashion tech CEO Amanda Curtis loves Surface Read more Skimm’bassador, DIY crafter & Surface fan Kathy Capeluto Read more Bohn Jsell on why they love theSkimm and Surface Read more New Surface Book and Surface Dial go on sale today Read more Trimble brings mixed reality to life for architecture and design Read more 1 … 13 14 15 16 17 … 23 Contact Us Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statement © 2016 Microsoft