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Comments on: How to Use MiniTest Comments on: How to Use MiniTest Learn to code and change your life! By: Tim This is a strange sort of dismissal: why should testing code be smaller than the code it tests? When they test cars with crash test dummies, it takes far more time and resources than manufacturing a single car - special equipment, experts in metallurgy, and so on. Tests save me huge amounts of time - running umpteen scenarios I might inadvertently break with my code changes. If your complaint is that tests take a lot more maintenance than the code they test (which would be a more sensible complaint) then that suggests your code design might need to be more test-friendly. Ruby itself is part of the problem: because it has no real support for static checking, you have to test all code as if it's dynamic. Contrast this with Groovy, and more recently Python, where you can mark parts of your code as static and benefit from the computer catching things like type errors. By: ken mcfadden Why is it the testing code is always bigger/longer than the code being tested. Which is why all these test frameworks are ridiculous. By: Cody Stringham Hey Jason, This is a great soft intro! Do you have any recommendations for learning MT besides the docs? It seems everything I find is catered to people who already know testing. By: Jason Seifer Ryan, I use what ever is best suited for the project. I like RSpec's new expectation syntax but don't have a strong preference. By: Ryan Boone Jason, which library do you use for testing and why?