Comments on: PSD to HTML is Dead

Comments on: PSD to HTML is Dead Comments on: PSD to HTML is Dead Learn to code and change your life! By: Prajwol Raj Onta I don't agree with this post. PSD to HTML is not even close to dead.. i think it'll take another 5 years atleast to bring replace this methodology. i work at https://www.psdtohtmlconverter.co and guess what.. they are getting more 10 jobs every single day.. By: Rokko 100% agree. It can be ok to code using Bootstrap without any mockups, but only when visual identity is not important (can't imagine that situation though). However, when visual identity plays major role and when it matters the most, it's impossible to think in the way previously described in this article. It's like you have to build some building without blueprints. Or make a car without knowing how it's going to look like in the first place. By: Arturin Dee I think it is too early to say that PSD 2 HTML is dead. Even in the world of responsive pre-made templates I think there is a place for PSD files as these are easy and visual way to communicate the specific idea to the dev team. By: Kate Walls I disagree with you mate! PSD to HTML still have lots of potential and people use them widely. I use to work at http://psdtohtmlcode.com/ and daily I use to see they are getting good number of orders from all across the world. -Katie By: Vaibhav Arora Thanks Nick- this was a great article and I totally agree with you! For me converting psd to html is an art which should follow w3c compliance and standards. By: vaibhav I am totally disagree with you. For any development, front-end always plays a most important part. Thinking of structure-less HTML means you can't manage your header, footer and other included parts easily. For developing any software user friendly front-end is always required for project success.Front-end is all about how you represent your software and ease of use for user. By: Front End Machine I read your article, like some points but we cant start any design project without Photoshop or Sketchapp, UI Designers and UX Designers needs to start project and communicate with the client and test their work before slicing it here's a tools like Marvel and Invision take a place they upload psd to Invision and link the screens together to work as a prototype. So after that they pass the files to Front end Engineers to slice it to HTML/CSS/JS with the best practice of SEO and Performance to make it easy to work cross browsers. By: Pixlogix No time sooner will PSD to HTML die. Infact, Companies across India and USA are looking for the PSD to HTML converters all the while The major reason being complexities that websites pose in terms of design. When we look around, there are some thousands of graphically powerful websites, where one must have done a great leg work in transforming an imagination to design. It is here where developing a PSD helps. With PSD you can experiment and make the changes until one design pleases your eyes. You can then transform it to HTML and make it responsive. PSD to HTML will thus never die. By: Kiru Mondi Completely agreed! Using PSD, AI, etc as your catchall is lazy and WILL result in issues down the road. It's also harder on your coder because they have to make several "websites " of the same site (one for each type of device). By: Fabio If this is what Treehouse teaches, I guess the people taking the courses are on for a really hard time. If anyone knows of any SERIOUS design or UX company that doesn't use a graphical media tool (PSD, AI, Sketch, whatever) previous to code deployment, please show me that alien, I want to know that strange being! But what do I know, only 20 years in UX so I'm still learning every day and I doubt I'd ever have the bravado of this guy, clearly a professional with lots of knowledge I don't have :) By: Andrea Ho Totally disagreed! I have to admit that this is likely a click bait article. The title "PSD to HTML is dead" makes me excited at first. I expected to study the reasons and alternatives to doing same the jobs more efficiently than I used to. Next, Slicing PSD to HTML doesn't matter with Responsive Design and CSS Design. PSD to HTML is merely a method of converting a design into a widely-used and standard markup version. Folks use PSD because it provides top-edge tools to represent designers' innovation to works. Besides, I think when we discussion Responsive Design, we primarily talk about the mindset, then techniques later on. Regardless, this is still an informative and well-written post. By: developers3 As per my perception psd to html will never die because HTML is a major component for building a website.