MySQL: Mysql::Tools::Base Namespace Reference

MySQL: Mysql::Tools::Base Namespace Reference MySQL  8.0.0 Source Code Documentation Main Page Related Pages Modules Namespaces Classes Files Namespace List Namespace Members Namespaces | Classes | Enumerations Mysql::Tools::Base Namespace Reference Namespaces   Options   Classes class   Abstract_connection_program   Base class for all programs that use connection to MySQL database server. More...   class   Abstract_program   Base class for all MySQL client tools. More...   class   I_connection_factory   Interface for classes that are capable of creating connection to MySQL database server. More...   class   Message_data   Structure to represent message from server sent after executing query. More...   class   Mysql_query_runner   Helper class to run SQL query on existing MySQL database server connection, receive all data and all errors, warnings and notes returned during query execution. More...   class   Show_variable_query_extractor   Extracts the value of server variable. More...   class   Warning_data   Enumerations enum   Message_type {    Message_type_info , Message_type_note , Message_type_warning , Message_type_error ,    Message_type_unknown }   Enumeration Type Documentation enum Mysql::Tools::Base::Message_type Enumerator Message_type_info  Message_type_note  Message_type_warning  Message_type_error  Message_type_unknown  Mysql Tools Base Generated by 1.8.11