MySQL: include/myisam.h File Reference

MySQL: include/myisam.h File Reference MySQL  8.0.0 Source Code Documentation Main Page Related Pages Modules Namespaces Classes Files File List File Members Classes | Macros | Typedefs | Enumerations | Functions | Variables myisam.h File Reference This file should be included when using myisam functions. More... #include " my_base.h " #include " m_ctype.h " #include " keycache.h " #include " my_compare.h " #include " my_check_opt.h " #include " m_string.h " Go to the source code of this file. Classes struct   st_mi_isaminfo   struct   st_mi_create_info   struct   st_mi_keydef   struct   st_unique_def   struct   st_mi_decode_tree   struct   st_columndef   struct   st_sort_key_blocks   struct   st_mi_check_param   struct   st_sort_ft_buf   struct   st_sort_info   Macros #define  MI_MAX_KEY    MAX_INDEXES /* Max allowed keys */   #define  MI_MAX_POSSIBLE_KEY_BUFF     HA_MAX_POSSIBLE_KEY_BUFF   #define  MI_MAX_KEY_LENGTH    1000 /* Max length in bytes */   #define  MI_MAX_KEY_SEG    16 /* Max segments for key */   #define  MI_MAX_KEY_BUFF    ( MI_MAX_KEY_LENGTH + MI_MAX_KEY_SEG *6+8+8)   #define  MI_MAX_MSG_BUF    1024 /* used in CHECK TABLE , REPAIR TABLE */   #define  MI_NAME_IEXT    ".MYI"   #define  MI_NAME_DEXT    ".MYD"   #define  MI_KEY_BLOCK_LENGTH    1024 /* default key block length */   #define  MI_MIN_KEY_BLOCK_LENGTH    1024 /* Min key block length */   #define  MI_MAX_KEY_BLOCK_LENGTH    16384   #define  MI_KEYMAP_BITS    (8 * SIZEOF_LONG_LONG)   #define  MI_KEYMAP_HIGH_MASK    (1ULL << (MI_KEYMAP_BITS - 1))   #define  mi_get_mask_all_keys_active (_keys_)   #define  mi_is_key_active (_keymap_, _keyno_)    MY_TEST ((_keymap_) & (1ULL << (_keyno_)))   #define  mi_set_key_active (_keymap_, _keyno_)   (_keymap_)|= (1ULL << (_keyno_))   #define  mi_clear_key_active (_keymap_, _keyno_)   (_keymap_)&= (~ (1ULL << (_keyno_)))   #define  mi_is_any_key_active (_keymap_)    MY_TEST ((_keymap_))   #define  mi_is_all_keys_active (_keymap_, _keys_)   ((_keymap_) == mi_get_mask_all_keys_active (_keys_))   #define  mi_set_all_keys_active (_keymap_, _keys_)   (_keymap_)= mi_get_mask_all_keys_active (_keys_)   #define  mi_clear_all_keys_active (_keymap_)   (_keymap_)= 0   #define  mi_intersect_keys_active (_to_, _from_)   (_to_)&= (_from_)   #define  mi_is_any_intersect_keys_active (_keymap1_, _keys_, _keymap2_)   #define  mi_copy_keys_active (_to_, _maxkeys_, _from_)   #define  MI_UNIQUE_HASH_LENGTH    4   #define  mi_close (file)    mi_close_share (file, NULL)   #define  mi_open (name, mode, wait_if_locked)    mi_open_share (name, NULL, mode, wait_if_locked)   #define  MEMMAP_EXTRA_MARGIN    7 /* Write this as a suffix for mmap file */   #define  MYISAMCHK_REPAIR    1 /* equivalent to myisamchk -r */   #define  MYISAMCHK_VERIFY    2 /* Verify, run repair if failure */   #define  TT_USEFRM    1   #define  TT_FOR_UPGRADE    2   #define  O_NEW_INDEX    1 /* Bits set in out_flag */   #define  O_NEW_DATA    2   #define  O_DATA_LOST    4   Typedefs typedef struct st_mi_isaminfo   MI_ISAMINFO   typedef struct st_mi_create_info   MI_CREATE_INFO   typedef struct st_myisam_info   MI_INFO   typedef struct st_mi_keydef   MI_KEYDEF   typedef struct st_unique_def   MI_UNIQUEDEF   typedef struct st_mi_decode_tree   MI_DECODE_TREE   typedef struct st_columndef   MI_COLUMNDEF   typedef struct st_sort_key_blocks   SORT_KEY_BLOCKS   typedef struct st_mi_check_param   MI_CHECK   typedef struct st_sort_ft_buf   SORT_FT_BUF   typedef struct st_sort_info   SORT_INFO   Enumerations enum   enum_mi_stats_method { MI_STATS_METHOD_NULLS_NOT_EQUAL , MI_STATS_METHOD_NULLS_EQUAL , MI_STATS_METHOD_IGNORE_NULLS }   Functions int  mi_close_share (struct st_myisam_info *file, my_bool *closed_share)   int  mi_delete (struct st_myisam_info *file, const uchar *buff)   struct st_myisam_info *  mi_open_share (const char *name, struct st_mi_isam_share *old_share, int mode, uint wait_if_locked)   int  mi_panic (enum ha_panic_function function)   int  mi_rfirst (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buf, int inx)   int  mi_rkey ( MI_INFO * info , uchar *buf, int inx, const uchar * key , key_part_map keypart_map, enum ha_rkey_function search_flag)   int  mi_rlast (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buf, int inx)   int  mi_rnext (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buf, int inx)   int  mi_rnext_same (struct st_myisam_info * info , uchar *buf)   int  mi_rprev (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buf, int inx)   int  mi_rrnd (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buf, my_off_t pos )   int  mi_scan_init (struct st_myisam_info *file)   int  mi_scan (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buf)   int  mi_rsame (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar * record , int inx)   int  mi_rsame_with_pos (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar * record , int inx, my_off_t pos )   int  mi_update (struct st_myisam_info *file, const uchar *old, uchar *new_record)   int  mi_write (struct st_myisam_info *file, uchar *buff)   my_off_t   mi_position (struct st_myisam_info *file)   int  mi_statu