Google, Evil or Not: Your Best Arguments

Google, Evil or Not: Your Best Arguments Related Blogs Two Cents Vitals Skillet Gear Gizmodo Media Group Blogs Deadspin Gizmodo Jalopnik Jezebel Kotaku Lifehacker Google, Evil or Not: Your Best Arguments Whitson Gordon 2/11/14 5:00pm Filed to: flame wars "Don't be evil" has been Google's unofficial motto for a long time, but in recent years it's questionable whether they've lived up to the slogan. So we asked you what you thought . Here are your best arguments. Google: Evil or Not? Google: Evil or Not? Google: Evil or Not? "Don't be evil" has long been the unofficial corporate motto of Google. Whether… Read more Read more Not Evil: As a Big Company, They're Always Going to Offend Someone One thing many of you pointed out is that Google's come under more scrutiny about the evil banner because they've gotten a lot bigger since they made that original motto. Our own Andy Orin put it well : As a company's size and influence grows and their decisions affect millions of people, it can… Read more Read more As a company's size and influence grows and their decisions affect millions of people, it can be a mistake to characterize them as evil because they did something you didn't like. They are a profit-driven business of course, and not an altruistic NGO working plainly for world betterment, and so everything they do is tied to making a buck. Anyway, as far as evil corporations go, Google is not very evil! Reader ImmaLion expands : Yes and no. Read more Read more It's not as evil as extremists will say out there, but it's also not as good as evangelists will tell you. It's a corporation. While I don't think they'll go as far as purposedly ruining people's lives, blackmailing people, among other practices, they are out to profit somehow. And it seems recently that they are always threading in the grey line of privacy, testing grounds to see how far users are willing to accept changes. But one thing I'll have to say is that the company is becoming increasingly more "corporation-ish" over the years, and I don't like it. I don't think it's the same Google as it was when it started it's business, it grew up too much. See that this isn't an evil thing, just something that commonly happens with corporations that gets to a certain size - it changes. This is why we have cases like Google Reader and YouTube bot crapping all over users. I don't think it's actively trying to make so many people pissed, but I think, like many other companies that grow up too much, it lost it's focus, lots of decisions end up being made by people who don't share Google's initial vision, they tend to screw up a lot, the unified vision of innovating without being evil is lost in several areas, they will bend over to lobbying strategies and other forces, and it kinda seems that parts of it don't work together with others. And lastly, Moon puts this sentiment into glorious metaphor : To me it brings up the question" Do good intentions upscale very well? Can they survive the… Read more Read more To me it brings up the question, "Do good intentions upscale very well?" Can they survive the growth of a company like Google? I'm picturing Google as a quazi-benign mega bear with clumsy butter-paws that are fated to knock things over. Whatever you may think about Google, they're not as evil as a lot of companies out there, and a lot of their less desirable actions are partially the price you pay for becoming a big company with many new interests and needs—not to mention a wide userbase with diverse interests and needs. You can never please everyone. Evil: They're Collecting All Your Personal Information That's fine and dandy, but many of you said that doesn't matter: they're collecting your personal information and using it for profit, which is a direct violation of your privacy and is clearly evil, and being a "big" company doesn't excuse that. Reader Annie's Boobs says : Evil. How else would you view someone trying to collect every bit of information you leave out… Read more Read more Evil. How else would you view someone trying to collect every bit of information you leave out there on the web purely for profit? Of course, as Vrekk and Annie's Boobs both note , they do this because we allow them to. It's part of the agreement we enter into with them, and you can choose to accept the terms or not: They are collecting info about me for profit. I've giving it to them. And in return I get awesome services like Gmail, free of charge. They aren't hiding the fact that they do it, so its not evil at all. It isn't NSA style tracking in the name of security and you have no say in the matter while being all hush hush about it.. If you don't want Google to have info about you... don't use it. There are a lot of alternatives that are actually getting pretty good. And, even if you trust Google with that data, you can never trust that Google is the only one that will ever see it, says NinjaCharlie : While Google itself might not be "evil&qu