KVR: #KVRDeal patchpool launches Interactive Black Friday Sale

KVR: #KVRDeal patchpool launches Interactive Black Friday Sale   Login / Register   My KVR 0Updates       0 items | $0.00 New @ What is KVR? Submit News Advertise  Search            News  Plugins   Your Personal Plugin, App & Soundware Universe Buy Now: KVR Marketplace What's New? Search Plugins & More Search Developers (Brand) Latest Reviews Product Rankings Product Ratings Groups: Whats's in?   Patches & Presets Downloads & Uploads All Plug-ins, Hosts, Apps & Soundware in the KVR Product Database on One Page  Forum   Latest Posts    Marketplace   Videos   Music by KVR Members  More    Chris Halaby's Industry Focus Interviews Blog Deals Reviews Giveaways Polls Newsletter RSS Feeds KVR Developer Challenge KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2013 KVR Celebrates 10 Years (2010) Submit: News, Plug-ins & Hosts Apply To Manage A Developer Advertise About KVR / Contact Us Link to KVR! Privacy Statement #KVRDeals patchpool                           patchpool launches Interactive Black Friday SaleDEAL EXPIRED Ended: December 1, 2014 (Started: November 19, 2014) Through December 1st, KVR users can vote for patchpool items to be discounted. The rules: Each KVR user can cast his/her votes on patchpool items to be discounted until December 1st in this thread in the KVR Market Place . If more than one person votes for an item, this becomes discounted at 25% immediately (or as fast as the administrator will be able to change the PayPal buttons and the text on the respective patchpool web page). All items go back to their normal pricing at the end of December 1st. Please note: all patchpool products share a similar licence agreement, what they all have in common is the fact, that they are NFR (not for resale). Tags: Soundware Offers, Competitions & Events Windows Mac OS X Linux VSTBuzz: 40% off "Voices of Ragas Vol 1" for Kontakt by Cryptocipher 19th November 2014«« Previous Item 123creative Offer: G-Sonique Technotron SD422 Sample Pack 30% Off (until Dec 14) 20th November 2014Next Item »» Products Related To This Item Advert  My KVRAlchemistryAmbient Soundscapes by patchpool  $39.00 $39.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRAlchemistry BeyondAmbient Soundscapes by patchpool  $62.00 $62.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRAlchemistry Metallurgy 2World Percussion by patchpool  $52.00 $52.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRAmbient Strings for Falcon / MachFive 3Virtual Instrument Sample Library by patchpool  $76.00 $76.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRAnnual Subscription for Iris PresetsAmbient Soundscapes by patchpool  $135.00 $135.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRAqualignum for AlchemyVirtual Instrument Sample Library by patchpool  $42.00 $42.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRBeat TwistaMod Delay by patchpool  $12.00 $12.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRBellissima for KontaktBells by patchpool  $20.00 $20.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRBest of absynthsounds.com Vol. 1Ambient Soundscapes by patchpool  $18.00 $18.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRBest of absynthsounds.com Vol.2Synths + Samples package by patchpool  $19.00 $19.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRChromaZoneSynth (Physical Modeling) by patchpool  $23.00 $23.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRCosmic for Padshop ProSoundscapes by patchpool  $32.00 $32.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRDiversity 2 for DiversionPresets for Diversion by patchpool  $38.00 $38.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRDiversity for DiversionSynth by patchpool  $28.00 $28.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRDNA for MolekularSound Effects library by patchpool  $32.00 $32.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVREdgy ScapesSequenced Filter by patchpool  $12.00 $12.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRFramedrum for AlchemyPercussion by patchpool  $38.00 $38.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRGlitchmaniaStutter FX by patchpool  $18.00 $18.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRGranular WorldsAmbient Soundscapes by patchpool  $35.00 $35.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRKontakt GonglandGongs by patchpool  $25.00 $25.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRKontakt Library Celtic HarpCeltic Harp by patchpool  $23.00 $23.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRMetaVox for AlchemyVocals by patchpool  $41.00 $41.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRMF EternityAbstract Soundscapes by patchpool  $25.00 $25.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRModelled RealityPhysical Modelling by patchpool  $23.00 $23.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRNo Boundaries for DRON-EAmbient Soundscapes by patchpool  $32.00 $32.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRRazor Spectral TerritorySynth (Additive) by patchpool  $18.00 $18.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRScattered Entity Vol. 1 for Falcon/MachFive 3Virtual Instrument Sample Library by patchpool  $88.00 $88.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRSonic Cinema for HALion 5Ambient Soundscapes by patchpool  $67.00 $67.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRSonic TabulatorPresets for Serum by patchpool$32.00 $32.00Buy Now  BUYING!X Checkout  My KVRSoundPack Soccer Stadium EuphoriaPos