KVR: Overloud announces TH1 Triode - Essential Guitar Effects Suite

KVR: Overloud announces TH1 Triode - Essential Guitar Effects Suite   Login / Register   My KVR 0Updates       0 items | $0.00 New @ What is KVR? Submit News Advertise  Search            News  Plugins   Your Personal Plugin, App & Soundware Universe Buy Now: KVR Marketplace What's New? Search Plugins & More Search Developers (Brand) Latest Reviews Product Rankings Product Ratings Groups: Whats's in?   Patches & Presets Downloads & Uploads All Plug-ins, Hosts, Apps & Soundware in the KVR Product Database on One Page  Forum   Latest Posts    Marketplace   Videos   Music by KVR Members  More    Chris Halaby's Industry Focus Interviews Blog Deals Reviews Giveaways Polls Newsletter RSS Feeds KVR Developer Challenge KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2013 KVR Celebrates 10 Years (2010) Submit: News, Plug-ins & Hosts Apply To Manage A Developer Advertise About KVR / Contact Us Link to KVR! Privacy Statement News Overloud Overloud announces TH1 Triode - Essential Guitar Effects Suite           NAMM 2009 Overloud announces TH1 Triode - Essential Guitar Effects Suite 15th January 2009           Overloud has announced TH1 Triode, its Essential Guitar Effects Suite. TH1 Triode features the same technologies and features found in Overloud's flagship product TH1. TH1 Triode shares with the flagship TH1 the same new twist on the guitar player's stage and recording system by implementing both features and a user interface that appeals to every level of player and producer, regardless of experience and technical know-how. Overloud's tube and analog emulation technology has been in development for more than ten years and has been brought to market in its fourth incarnation in the flagship TH1 first and now in TH1 Triode, resulting in what Overloud believes to be the warmest, most lush and truthful guitar tones ever created with a modeling plug-in. Exclusive features such as SLR amplifier morphing, free life-like microphone positioning around cabinets, ReSPire cabinet technology, and BREVERB-based reverb, are combined with a radically different and transparent user interface, a selection of mics, cabinets, and amps, stomp-boxes, pedals and rack effects, easy and powerful memory management, and unprecedented real-time control capabilities. A 14-day full-featured demo will be available for download at www.overloud.com . Features Sound: 4th generation tube and analog emulation engine. SLR technology, morphs between amps for an infinite sound canvas. 3D positioning of microphones in front of cabinets. Cabinets feature ReSPiRe technology. BREVERB-based reverb. Global sound-influencing controls. Easy and intelligent stereo handling—true stereo in to out capabilities. Ease Of Use: Easy to understand and modify signal path. In-line high quality Tuner. Compact view "Live" mode. Advanced memory management. A large number of preset Banks, Sounds and Variations. Control: Easy to configure MIDI Program and Bank Change control. Smart Controls open up new ways of controlling and tweaking sounds. MIDI control of Smart Controls and others. Additional Features: Very low CPU usage. Plug-in or Standalone mode. Each amplifier introduces 4 samples latency, Zero latency for all other modules. 3 Amplifiers with 6 total Channels and 10 operating Modes. 9 Cabinets, 6 Microphones and 2 natural Studio Ambiences choices. Two microphones for each Cabinet. 19 stomp boxes, pedals and rack effects. Parameter-based BPM sync switch. Local and Global Tap buttons. Host or Internal Tempo Sync. Choice of iLok or file-based authorization or both at the same time allows for multi-machine and multi-purpose installs with only one license. Pricing and Availability TH1 Triode will ship in February 2009 in RTAS, AU, VST and Stand-alone formats for Mac OS X and RTAS, VST and Stand-alone formats for Windows and lists for €69 worldwide and $99 in the USA and Canada. A 14-day full-featured demo will be available for download at www.overloud.com . Please consult the Overloud website for local distributor list. Read more at www.overloud.com   Tags: Virtual Effect Windows Mac OS X VST2 Plugins Audio Unit RTAS Plugins NAMM         Overloud announces TH1 Guitar Amp v1.1 15th January 2009«« Previous Item Sonic Reality releases Konstruction - Infinite Player-powered Expandable Loop Workstation 15th January 2009Next Item »» Products Related To This Item Advert  My KVRTH1 TriodeDistortion / Overdrive / Amp by Overloud     €69 / $99  My KVRTH3 Guitar AmpDistortion / Overdrive / Amp by Overloud      €299 Discussion: Active Discussion Please log in to join the discussion Related news... Overloud News Other Related News 21 Nov 2016 #KVRDeal Expired Overloud Black Friday Week: 60% Off All Products & Bundles 07 Oct 2016 Overloud releases TH3 Rock Collection and TH3 Metal Collection 23 Nov 2015 Overloud releases TH3 Guitar Amp Plugin 02 Sep 2014 Overloud and MoReVoX release REmatrix - Multilayer Convolution Reverb Plugin for Mac & Win with Intro Offer 22 Oct 2013 Overloud updates SpringAge to v1.5