Yahoo dominates Sarah Palin's email contact list

Yahoo dominates Sarah Palin's email contact list Related Blogs Antiviral Art The Best Restaurant in New York Blackbag Defamer Disputations Documents Dodgeandburn Dog Domesticity Drugs Fine Vining Fortress America FrenchGawker Weird Internet Interviews Justice Morning After PhaseZero Politburo Rankings Gawker Review of Books Sausage Slowgawker Sony Hack One Man's Take The Cuck Themachines The Vane The West tktk True Stories Valleywag Yahoo dominates Sarah Palin's email contact list 3.33K Nicholas Carlson 09/18/08 10:00AM Filed to: Email Email sarah palin Yahoo Google AOL Microsoft Hotmail Valleywag This image was lost some time after publication. Sometimes I hear people ask: "Who uses Yahoo Mail anymore?" The answer, of course, is just about everybody. ComScore puts the number at around 260 million people — far more than Google's 90 million. But statistics can feel abstract. Now that a 4chan reprobate has hacked into Alaska governor and "average hockey mom" Sarah Palin's private Yahoo email account and discovered, among other things, her contact list, we have a more concrete demonstration of Yahoo's dominance of Palin's decidedly down-home demographic. Here is a list contains six Yahoo addresses, an AOL address, a Hotmail address and exactly zero Gmail addresses.Sarah Palin's contact list: Beth Leschper (Beth Leschper SOA) [Edit] [redacted]@alaska.gov Blanche Kallstrom (Blanche) [Edit] [redacted]@starband.net Bristol Palin (Bristol) [Edit] [redacted]@hotmail.com Chuck Heath (Chuck) [Edit] [redacted]@yahoo.com [redacted]@yahoo.com (Todd) [Edit] [redacted]@yahoo.com (Frank) [Edit] Heather Bruce (Heather) [Edit] [redacted]@gci.net [redacted]@alaska.gov (Ivy SOA) [Edit] [redacted]@yahoo.com (Ivy Personal) [Edit] Judy Patrick (Judy Patrick) [Edit] [redacted]@mtaonline.net [redacted]@alaska.gov (Kris Perry SOA) [Edit] [redacted]@yahoo.com (Kris Personal) [Edit] [redacted]@yahoo.com (Molly) [Edit] Roseanne Hughes (Roseanne Hughes SOA) [Edit] [redacted]@alaska.gov Sally Heath (Mom) [Edit] [redacted]@mtaonline.net Sean Parnell (Sean Personal) [Edit] [redacted]@alaska.com Sharon Leighow (Sharon SOA) [Edit] [redacted]@alaska.gov [redacted]@aol.com (Sharon Leighow Personal) [Edit] Track Palin (Track) [Edit] [redacted]@hotmail.com Terms of Service Privacy Policy