The Big Bad Wolff Strikes Again

The Big Bad Wolff Strikes Again Related Blogs Antiviral Art The Best Restaurant in New York Blackbag Defamer Disputations Documents Dodgeandburn Dog Domesticity Drugs Fine Vining Fortress America FrenchGawker Weird Internet Interviews Justice Morning After PhaseZero Politburo Rankings Gawker Review of Books Sausage Slowgawker Sony Hack One Man's Take The Cuck Themachines The Vane The West tktk True Stories Valleywag The Big Bad Wolff Strikes Again 46 cityfile 03/06/09 07:09AM Filed to: amy winehouse amy winehouse Brad PItt brody jenner Bruce Willis Chris Brown Christiane Amanpour Gwyneth Paltrow Jason Alexander jerry seinfeld Joe Francis Julia Louis-Dreyfus Kirsten Dunst lauren conrad Lindsay Lohan Liz Gateley Lucy Liu Marc Anthony michael richards Michael Wolff michelle obama Nancy Pelosi Robin Williams Vince Vaughn Cityfile This image was lost some time after publication. • It was clear that Michael Wolff was a bad husband and a bad boss. But now it looks like he's a lousy son, too. Wolff is being sued by his poor 85-year-old mother-in-law for trying to evict her from her one-bedroom apartment so he could sell it and collect a profit. [ P6] • Chris Brown appeared in court yesterday and was charged with assault and making criminal threats. He faces four years in state prison if convicted. [ NYP, Us] • Marc Anthony touched the leg of a woman other than JLo, which means he was either "flirting with danger" or just being nice to a "longtime friend." [ Star] • Just another typical Friday: Amy Winehouse has been charged with assault for punching a fan last year. [ Reuters] • Lucy Liu has many talents! Like painting! Her portrait of two people kissing, which she did under the pseudonym Yu Ling, is now on sale for $28,000. [ P6] • Robin Williams is undergoing open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement. [ MSNBC] • Michelle Obama will appear in the April issue of O. How exciting. [ CST] • Kirsten Dunst is expected to testify against the man accused of stealing her $13,000 Balenciaga purse when his trial begins in May. [ NYDN] • Brad Pitt met with Nancy Pelosi to talk about activism yesterday. And, yes, at least one reporter referred to them as "Brancy." [ WP, E!] • Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards will all be on Curb Your Enthusiasm next season. [ EW] • Lindsay Lohan supposedly wants to record cover versions of a bunch of Britney Spears songs, although nobody's really sure why. [ NYDN] • MTV producer Liz Gateley says this season really will be Lauren Conrad's last on The Hills. [ E!] • Vince Vaughn is engaged to a 29-year-old Canadian real-estate agent. We'll see you back here in 6 months when they split up. [ Us] • Bruce Willis has filed a countersuit against the film company that sued him for walking off a movie set last fall. [ E!] • Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted getting into a limo with Christiane Amanpour after dinner at Sweetiepie. [ P6] • Brody Jenner and Joe Francis got in a screaming match outside an LA club. [ P6] Terms of Service Privacy Policy