Which Actor Obsessively Weighs His Girlfriends?

Which Actor Obsessively Weighs His Girlfriends? Related Blogs Antiviral Art The Best Restaurant in New York Blackbag Defamer Disputations Documents Dodgeandburn Dog Domesticity Drugs Fine Vining Fortress America FrenchGawker Weird Internet Interviews Justice Morning After PhaseZero Politburo Rankings Gawker Review of Books Sausage Slowgawker Sony Hack One Man's Take The Cuck Themachines The Vane The West tktk True Stories Valleywag Which Actor Obsessively Weighs His Girlfriends? 11.32K Richard Lawson 09/05/08 09:33AM Filed to: blind item roundup blind item roundup Blind Items Yesterday we posted about a porn person who doubles as a drug dealer, and you guys seemed to go where I was thinking: Girls Gone Wild impresario Joe Francis. So yay/sob for that! Today we have a long story from our good friend at Crazy Days and Nights about someone named AP and her run in with a woman whose life is viciously controlled by a formerly huuuge television star. Read the saga after the jump. "It has been too long since we have heard from AP. Hell, it has been too long since I have heard from AP. But, she called me last night and told me about something she saw over the weekend. I personally hate this kind of thing, and I do want you to know that AP had a long talk with this woman and told her to call anytime day or night. AP was working out, and she noticed this really attractive woman who was working out and crying at the same time. Not crying because it hurt or anything, but real tears. So, AP asked if there was anything wrong. Well, it turns out that the woman is dating a married former A list television actor. When I say A list, I mean he was A+ list. Aging. Not too old. Very famous relationships. Not doing much now. Well this actor is an a-hole but this woman is in love with him and he has her convinced that he is going to leave his wife, and yada, yada, yada. Now, this guy used to be really good looking, but now, not so much. Anyway, each morning he has the woman weigh herself and send him a video of her weighing herself. She has to send him photos everyday of how she looks and what she is wearing. If she doesn't weigh what she is supposed to or doesn't look acceptable he yells at her and screams at her and basically treats her like crap. When AP spoke with her, the woman actually used words and phrases like "he doesn't like it" and "he demands perfection." AP just knows the guy and knows he yells and screams a lot so is assuming he berates her just like he has berated everyone he has ever been with. The ting is, he only sees this woman once or twice a week, but he still demands perfection everyday. Plus, she has to let him know exactly where she is going and with whom and she just does it all without question. The morning in question that AP saw her, the woman was two pounds over her ideal weight and so was trying desperately to work it off because our actor had threatened to not see her that night unless she did, and there were plenty of other women he could be seeing if she could not do it. The thing is, he has this woman so messed up in the head that she barely knows herself anymore. AP was almost crying when she shared this, and AP never cries. Ever." [ CDaN] Terms of Service Privacy Policy