Gossip Roundup: Because He Got High

Gossip Roundup: Because He Got High Related Blogs Antiviral Art The Best Restaurant in New York Blackbag Defamer Disputations Documents Dodgeandburn Dog Domesticity Drugs Fine Vining Fortress America FrenchGawker Weird Internet Interviews Justice Morning After PhaseZero Politburo Rankings Gawker Review of Books Sausage Slowgawker Sony Hack One Man's Take The Cuck Themachines The Vane The West tktk True Stories Valleywag Gossip Roundup: Because He Got High 410 Jessica 10/02/06 12:10PM Filed to: George Michael George Michael Real Estate Drugs Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake Martha Stewart TomKat This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here. • George Michael gets so stoned that he stops his car in the middle of a North London intersection and slumps over. This, alas, leads to his arrest. Poor dude's just chilling a little bit, thinking about McDonald's...what's the big deal, man? [ AP] • After realizing that baring her breasts is not enough to sell albums, Janet Jackson considers a reunion with Justin Timberlake for a "big, live show." Because if Timberlake bares her breasts for her, then she'll taste success. [ Page Six] • Robin Williams: in and out of rehab before you even knew he was gone. [ R&M (2nd item)] • Martha Stewart has a torn hip muscle. It's not the proverbial broken hip, but any injury in that area signifies the beginning of senility. [ Lowdown (2nd item)] • Katie Holmes starves herself until she's thin. At least she's starting to behave like a normal starlet again. [ Scoop] • The 25-room Guccione mansion is going for $5 million dollars? That's a helluva price cut, or a helluva gaffe. [ Page Six] • When Aaron Nick (does it make a difference, really?) Carter learned that Paris Hilton was cheating on him with Chad Michael Murray, he beat the crap out of her. Then he went and hooked up with Ashlee Simpson. [ Us Weekly] Terms of Service Privacy Policy