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Digg: uproxx.com Stories Digg: uproxx.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now 'Seinfeld' Writers Tell The True Story Of How Festivus Came To Be The real Festivus was created in 1966 by author Daniel O’Keefe, not out of a hatred of all of the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas, but as a unique celebration. How 'The Critic' Went From Near 'Simpsons' Spinoff To Critical Darling Al Jean and Mike Reiss take us through the bumpy origins, all-too-brief existence, and ultimate legacy of 'The Critic'. The Impact Of Adidas Tearaway Pants On Hip-Hop And A Hoops Generation Adidas created the ultimate 90s fashion item, the breakaway pants. The Story Of How ‘Above The Rim’ Merged Streetball And Hip-Hop Tupac Shakur, basketball, and a moralistic tale about making the right choice make 'Above The Rim' a powerful slice of '90s culture. The Evolution Of NBA Uniforms Whatever your thoughts on today's uniforms, be grateful we've moved on from the pre-1960s era, when uniforms featured... belts. How Starter Jackets Became The Iconic Clothing Of The Early '90s The jackets, the pullovers, the hats — and DJ Jazzy Jeff instructional ads? Starter merch plateaued in the mid '90s... before bad business and bad press torpedoed the brand. How VH1's 'Pop-Up Video' Changed The World "Pop-Up Video" was a little show filled with snark and blink-and-you’ll-miss-them fact bubbles that inexplicably blossomed into an institution that was revered for its wit, humor, and rebelliousness. Twenty years later, its profound impact is still being felt online. Andy Wood’s Death, Pearl Jam’s Birth, And How 'Grunge' Ate Itself Nirvana’s "Nevermind," which is now 25 years-old, didn’t kick off the "grunge" movement and lead to singer Kurt Cobain’s suicide and, less than two years later, didn’t stop it in its tracks. What It’s Like To Be An Actress On The Wrong Side Of 40 "Most of the time as an actress — especially while I’m working — I feel blessed to be in this profession. But my job is also tough for many reasons, and getting older is one of them." The Rise, Fall, And Redemption Of Marshall Henderson The volatile and polarizing scorer had his moments of superstardom and delivered some of the greatest moments in Ole Miss' history. But he also had his struggles. How A Toy Company Changed The Villain In 'Iron Man 3' To A Man In Shane Black's original script for "Iron Man 3," Guy Pearce's character was a woman. Then a toy company forced him to change that. Mayim Bialik And Her TV Family Reflect On 25 Years Of 'Blossom' Before she would become a role model and fashion icon for teenage girls all over America, Blossom Russo was just a kid sister and a secondary character. The Subtle Educational Value Of The 'Animaniacs' Despite the slew of innuendos that attracted older audiences, "Animaniacs" was heavy on education. Besides, where else were ’90s kids going to learn the names of every country in the world? School? An Ode To ‘Shark Tank,’ TV’s Most Addictive Capitalist Fever Dream I was watching an episode of "Shark Tank" a few weeks ago, and these two poor guys were just cooked. They didn’t realize it yet, either. It was brutal television. And I couldn’t look away. James Bond’s Sex Puns, From Corniest To Suavest Let’s revisit a time when Bond lived like the MacGyver of sex puns, turning whatever subject at hand into a roiling hotbed of barely contained eroticism. A Complete History Of Phish’s Bizarre, Legendary Halloween Shows Phish have never been ones for standard operating procedure, and the band’s Halloween shows are no exception. They dress up, but they don musical costumes, not physical ones. And when they dress up, Phish becomes another band entirely. What It's Like To Die On 'The Walking Dead' Uproxx asked some of the actors who have played characters that have died along the way what it’s like to leave the series behind. They’ve laughed, they’ve cried, and one even begged to stick around. But in the end they died, and we loved them for it . Making The Case For Fox Sundays As TV's Most Consistently Great Night The shows, minus one, may have changed, but it’s never been worse than good, and it’s often the best night on TV, no matter the genre. How The First MTV VMAs Saved The Network At A Crucial Time For almost 35 years, MTV has been in the business of selling relevance. For artists, it’s been a place to get in front of the coveted 18-to-34 demographic. For those 18- to 34-year-olds, it’s been a place to stay on top of the pop culture zeitgeist, so as to have enough ammo to be considered cool by peers. And business has been good – MTV is a fixture, and its crown jewel has been the Video Music Awards. How 'The Adventures Of Pete & Pete' Changed Music On TV The musical legacy of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" is a fascinating tale that goes far beyond Iggy Pop playing a silly suburban dad or Michael Stipe portraying an ice-cream man called Captain Scrummy, although that would more than suffice in and of itself.