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Digg: treehugger.com Stories Digg: treehugger.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Isaac Asimov's 1964 Predictions Of Life In 2014 Are Prescient Solar power? Check. Microwave ovens? Yes. Still sucking at making good robots? Game set and match, Asimov. Ugly Animals Need Love Too Panda's get way too much attention. At least, that's the observation that's behind The Ugly Animal Preservation Society - a tongue-in-cheek, yet crucially important new initiative to broaden the idea of what we value and which species we care to save. How The Phone Numbering System Came And Went Believe it or not, you couldn't always just open your phone app and dial a contact. Here's how dialing went from named exchanges to voice dialing. Baby Elephant Well Rescue Caught On Film It is said that elephants never forget -- and, if that's true, the kindness shown towards one imperiled young elephant will surely be preserved in memory for decades to come.