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Digg: spin.com Stories Digg: spin.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now How Anthony Fantano, AKA The Needle Drop, Became Today’s Most Successful Music Critic Watch one of Anthony Fantano's videos, and his head will stick in your brain. The Invisible Empire Of Alex Jones How the Donald Trump campaign turned America's greatest conspiracy theorist into a household name. Aerosmith Tell The Story Behind Their Hard-Rock Masterpiece 'Toys In The Attic' The funky, filthy classic that brought us "Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion" and uh, "Big Ten Inch" turns 40. The Oral History Of Simple Minds' 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' The fascinating and turbulent story behind the "Breakfast Club" anthem, which turns 30 this month, told by those who lived it. Coolio: Kurt Cobain’s People Should’ve Been More Permissive Of His Heroin Addiction Rap's Fantastic Voyager tells 2Pac stories, does the Tootsee Roll,  mourns Kurt Cobain and calls R. Kelly an asshole. The Winners And Losers Of The Summer Of Ass Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, that goof from Magic!, and the limits of loving pop. The Improbable, Punk Rock Tale Of Lil BUB's Rise To Stardom How a freakishly cute orphan found an owner, changed his life and became the only celebrity cat that matters. Hollywood's Recluse Whisperer Since his soundtrack for 2003's, "Lost In Translation," Reitzell has gotten reluctant artists such as Elliott Smith, Aphex Twin, and Kanye West to contribute music to his various film and television projects. What is it about this 48-year-old former drummer that gets difficult artists to say yes? All 49 Weird Al Videos, Ranked "Weird Al" Yankovic is a national treasure. It's as simple as that. Going on four decades now, he's the strange uncle who shows up every few years to remind us that pop music is supposed to be fun, that sacred cows were meant to be tipped. Brooklyn Tween Metal Band Signs $1.7 Million Record Deal With recent sets at Warped tour and this year's installment of Coachella, the Brooklyn teens in the metal trio Unlocking the Truth have come a long way since their first shows busking in New York City parks. 2014's Weird World Of Underground Rap Rap remains plenty interesting, if you're digging in the right digital crates. The Life And Death Of An Indie-Rock Prince Ben Todd booked the best underground shows in Music City. He also ran an influential record label, website, and DIY music festival. He lived by the mantra 'Forever Young' — and he died by it too. The Oral History Of Soundgarden's 'Superunknown' In crafting their magnificent, mainstream breakthrough, the Seattle-rock lifers dug deep, locked horns in the studio, and emerged a stronger band — one with a grunge-obliterating masterpiece to its name. The Story Of A Song That Helped Change The World In an excerpt from his book on protest songs, Dorian Lynskey details the turbulent creation of the 1984 single that spread anti-apartheid sentiment across the globe. An Oral History Of One Of The Most Valuable Hip-Hop Records Of All Time "Beat Bop," a ten-minute sparring match between MCs/graffiti artists K-Rob and Rammellzee, which Jean Basquiat produced in 1983 has been known to change hands for upwards of $1,500, making it among the most valuable rap records ever made. The Oral History Of Adam Sandler's 'They're All Gonna Laugh At You!' Before he was a Hollywood superstar, he was mastering the nuances of recording farts. Aaron North's Sad Descent From Nine Inch Nails To Nowhere He earned the admiration of rock stars with the Icarus Line, a giant online audience with Buddyhead, and a touring spot alongside Trent Reznor, all before turning 30. Then he disappeared down a trail of sordid behavior and declining mental health. ICP's Latest Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial Has Arrived Insane Clown Posse have shared the latest infomercial for their annual five-day Illinois blowout, the Gathering of the Juggalos. Justin Bieber's Ill-Fated Overseas Tour Ends With Bizarre, Movie-Style Heist Justin Bieber's world tour has generated its share of unexpected headlines, but the strangest was saved for last. Behind Yoko Ono's John Lennon-Inspired Opening Ceremony Line Nothing says "I love you" like a soft cotton codpiece with an LED light right on the front like a wink, right? Yoko Ono seems to think so.