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Digg: retronaut.com Stories Digg: retronaut.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Color Photographs Of The Titanic Anton Logvynenko colorized photos of the Titanic and the results are staggering. First Photograph Of Someone Giving The Finger There's a first time for everything. Santa's Smoke-Selling Past Back in the day, Santa didn’t just smoke a pipe. Through the magic of big tobacco advertising, he also enjoyed promoting several brands of cigarettes. Pictures Of Einstein As A Child Here are a few pictures of Albert Einstein when he was just a kid. Photos Of A Giant Typewriter At The World's Fair The giant typewriter weighed 14 tons and took 3 years to build. Judging by these photos, they were 3 years well worth it. Incredible Pictures From The Day World War I Ended The number of people in some of these pictures is staggering. Stanley Kubrik Photographs The New York City Subway Subway interactions caught by Stanley Kubrick. Behind The Scenes Of 'Alien' Movies Here are some pictures of terrifying aliens just chilling.