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Digg: psmag.com Stories Digg: psmag.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now A Guide To The Mysterious World Of Shipping The shipping industry is a major emitter, and it’s set to double in size (or more) in coming years. Here’s why you should care about ships  —  aside from the fact that they probably brought you the device you’re reading this article on. The Radical Cheek Of ‘Chapo Trap House’ Inside the strangest, silliest, most principled podcast you probably haven’t heard of yet. The Billionaire Bureaucrat Elaine Wynn is one of the wealthiest women in the United States, has no school-aged children, and could be doing just about anything. But, instead of simply writing checks behind the scenes, she serves as the president of the Nevada State Board of Education, where she delights in the jargon and tedium of slow-burning education reform. Why Is American Internet So Slow? America has two historic networks in place: the copper wires that made up the original telephone network, and the coaxial cabling that started to replace it. These two systems are how most of our Internet is still connected, and, in today’s age, they’re both ancient technology. Inside North America’s Only Legal Safe Injection Facility Cities across the United States are considering opening supervised injection facilities, where addicts can shoot up under the watchful eye of nurses. How White Space Wi-Fi Could Bring The Internet Everywhere While your home Wi-Fi signal may not make it past a few walls, White Space Wi-Fi easily travels 10 kilometers through trees, buildings, brick walls, and whatever else. So why hasn’t it yet been rolled out? Bracing Ourselves For The Climate Tipping Point After Earth’s warmest month in history, climate scientists gather in Geneva to debate whether we’ve already gone too far. Electric Cars Are Way More Practical Than You Might Think A new study finds that electric vehicles could handle most of our driving needs. How Did The First People Populate North America? The usual story is that they traveled south through a gap between two glaciers. But a new study suggests humans couldn’t have survived the trek. Against Sentimental Democracy It’s time to get past meaningless terms like “the will of the people.” With a less sentimental, more precise view of why democracy is so important, we can become better democratic citizens. Why The Future Of Biofuel Is Algae When they hear “biofuel,” people tend to assume you’re talking about corn. But corn isn't the way forward for mass-produced biofuels. Today's Pop Music Is All About Bragging Music is often said to reflect and influence the times. Pop music has made a noticeable thematic shift in the last forty years. From "You're So Vain" to "I'm So Great," more and more artists are shining a light on, well.. themselves. Why Isn't Everyone Using The Menstrual Cup? Its long, sputtering history tells us that we change what we use only after we change how we think. The Addicted Generation Did we fail our kids by relying on prescription medication to treat ADHD? Americans’ Diets Are (A Little Bit) Better Than They Were 15 Years Ago But the gap is increasing between richer, better-educated, white Americans and everyone else. Facebook Friends To The End — And Beyond The social network can provide an ongoing sense of connection with a deceased loved one. How One Desert School District Used Buses To Bring The Internet Home First, Coachella Valley Unified School District Superintendent Darryl Adams got his students iPads. Then, he had to figure out a way to provide them Web access outside of class. Who Has the Luxury To Fail? An entrepreneur's ability to bet on a blockbuster idea may be less related to intrinsic qualities than it is to their access to a safety net  —  family money, inheritance, education, and network connections, all of which ensure their basic needs are provided. The Case For The 'Right To Disconnect' French workers are fighting back against the grind of the always-on knowledge economy. The Water Sommelier Can Martin Riese teach us how to value water by charging big prices in high-end restaurants?