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Digg: pornhub.com Stories Digg: pornhub.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now The US Is #1 In Porn-Watching Pornhub undertook the arduous task of crunching the numbers behind our NSFW Internet activities. Being Outed As A Porn Star Is Really Good For Your Porn Career Belle Knox is hardly the first University student to do porn in order to pay tuition, but she’s the first whose outing by a fellow student caused a national firestorm of media coverage. Turns out it was great for her career. How Much Porn Do We Watch During The Olympics? The long awaited Sochi Olympics are officially underway! In this edition we will be hard at work to show which countries are more excited by the Olympic Opening ceremonies than they are by the world’s number one adult website. How Pornhub's Traffic Changed During The Super Bowl The two states with the highest traffic drops to Pornhub were of course Colorado State with an 18% drop and Washington State which saw a decrease of 20% – they must have gotten their porn viewing out of the way earlier. According To Pornhub, The British Do Last Longer Not only do they last longer, but they tend to view more videos before settling in and getting down to business. 2013: The Year In Porn This year, our Pornhub statisticians have made it their mission to break-down and understand the events over the past year, and how they affected traffic to our website. How Much Porn People Watch During World Events Pornhub has broken down how much porn viewing fluctuates during various world events.