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Digg: polygon.com Stories Digg: polygon.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Still Playing Pokémon Go? Go Claim A New Baby Pokémon Will the addition of Generation 2 baby Pokémon like Togepi and Pichu help draw in players who fell off the wagon? If it makes a difference, you can claim an egg from a PokéStop for free... Inside The Finest 'Star Wars' Art Book Ever Made Among the images in "Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie" are new pieces from the LucasFilm archives, renderings of original McQuarrie pieces that have never been seen before in public or published in any book. You can see some of them here. You Will Spend A Total Of 1.3 Years Trying To Find Something To Watch On TV According to a new study from the Ericsson Consumer Lab, 44 percent of American television viewers say they spend a portion of their day trying to find something to watch on TV and failing. Blizzard’s Prodigal Son Returns How one of Blizzard’s co-founders left the company, why he decided to come back and what it means for the future. How Playing One Game Can Help Students Get Into College "Mission: Admission" takes some of the fear out of applying for further education. How An Indie Developer Made The Best Game Ever (For Them) "Our studio is called Disparity. We work out of our kitchen. You’ve almost certainly never heard of us, so it comes as some surprise to learn that we have made the best game ever." Netflix's 'Making A Murderer' Is Getting New Episodes The new episodes, according to the network, will "provide an in-depth look at the high-stakes post-conviction process, as well as, the emotional toll the process takes on all involved." Wish 'Pokémon Go' Were Better? Welcome To 'Ingress' "Pokémon Go" is not a terribly well-constructed game. The action is slow, there’s almost zero strategy, and I find that I spend most of my time in the app just waiting around for something to happen, doing what I think of as paperwork. In contrast, the gameplay in "Ingress" is — and I’m not exaggerating here — spectacular. How We've Lost The Ability To Criticize 'Ghostbusters' Films with middling scores and a talented cast and crew can sometimes be the most interesting movies to pick apart. But internet hate has crushed useful discussion of an upcoming film. The Little Games That Take Big Swings At The GOP GOP Arcade is newsy, funny and makes a powerful point. What Went Wrong With 'Starcraft: Ghost' The story of 'StarCraft: Ghost' is a complicated one that spans two development studios, a buyout by Blizzard and declarations that, even though no work was being done on the game, it was never technically canceled. How They Made 'Warcraft' Into A Movie In San Francisco, a group of special effects wizards has dedicated itself to building sympathetic, practically human orcs for the 'Warcraft' movie. Nintendo's E3 Pre-Show Will Be Focused On The New 'Legend Of Zelda' Nintendo will host its annual E3 pre-show conference on June 14 at 9 a.m. PT, the company announced today. But this year, instead of a news-filled Nintendo Direct, the presentation is dedicated solely to the next "The Legend of Zelda" game. The Evolution Of Epic Games While mostly famous for "Unreal" and "Gears of War," Epic is much more than just a blockbuster developer. Life Is Tough On The 'Counter-Strike' Pro Circuit The "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" esports scene is exploding, forcing players into a demanding regime of travel, training and competition Train Jam: Onboard The Cross-Country Game Jam Two hundred developers have three days to make a game — on a moving train. FLCL Is Coming Back For Another Season "FLCL," the classic six-episode anime, is returning for two more seasons, thanks to Cartoon Network. The cable channel is collaborating with original studio Production I.G. on 12 new episodes that will air on Adult Swim's Toonami block, according to a press release. Basketball Is Coming To 'Rocket League' Rocket League, Psyonix's wildly successful combination of cars and soccer, is apparently trading the pitch for the court, based on a tease tweeted by the developer last night. 'Star Wars,' As Imagined By The Comic World's Greatest Artists In the early 1990s, The Topps Company asked some of the film and comic book industry's very best talent to create original works of art. Here are some of the best. The Man Who Made A Million Empires What's Sid Meier — the man behind the Civilization series — really like?