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Digg: newscientist.com Stories Digg: newscientist.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Blood From Human Teens Rejuvenates Body And Brains Of Old Mice The method has the potential to be developed into a treatment for people, says Sakura Minami of Alkahest, the company behind the work. Inside The Weirdly Calming World Of Farming And Truck Simulators Harvesting takes me an hour. That’s an hour in which I drive at little more than walking pace from one end of a field to the other and back again 20 or 30 times. It’s not the most fun I’ve had in a video game, but then I do need the money. Google’s Neural Networks Invent Their Own Encryption Computers are keeping secrets. A team from Google Brain, Google’s deep learning project, has shown that machines can learn how to protect their messages from prying eyes. Do We Have Free Will? Biology suggests we might not have free will, but everything changes when you get down to the quantum level. Mystery Of Déjà Vu Explained — It’s How We Check Our Memories Déjà vu was thought to be caused by the brain making false memories, but research by Akira O’Connor and his team now suggests this is wrong. 104-Year-Old Cyclist Named World’s Greatest Centenarian Athlete Researchers have analyzed the performances of the world’s oldest record-breakers and named a 104-year-old cyclist champion. Trees Seen Resting Branches While 'Asleep' For The First Time For the first time, trees have been shown to undergo physical changes at night that can be likened to sleep, or at least to day-night cycles that have been observed experimentally in smaller plants. Kingdom-Busting Volcanoes Linked To The Rise Of The Roman Empire You won’t find it in history textbooks, but the Roman Empire’s rise to dominance in Egypt and the Middle East may have been influenced by a series of volcanic eruptions that reduced rainfall. The North Pole Is Slowly Moving Towards London The planet’s North Pole mysteriously changed the direction of its travel in 2000, turning eastwards towards the Greenwich meridian. It now seems that this change in direction is down to the redistribution of water on land as well as to melting polar ice. Behold: The Only Known Example Of A Biological Wheel Loved by creationists, who falsely think they are examples of “intelligent design”, the bacterial flagellum is a long tail that is spun like a propeller by nano-sized protein motors. Australia's Plan To Make A Digital Representation Of Everything What if everything that happened in the environment was immediately recorded and made available to everyone in real time? Mathematicians Find Biggest Prime Number Ever The number, which has 22 million digits, beats the previous record by five million digits. How Many Species Are Living In Your Home? A recent study set out to determine the average amount of species diversity in the typical suburban home. Let's just say that your family includes more than mom, dad, the kids and Spot. Mathematicians Find A New Way To Slice Pizza "As with many mathematical results, its usefulness isn’t immediately obvious." Scientists Set A New Quantum Record By Putting A Ball Of Atoms In Two Spots At Once Scientists shot a cloud of 10,000 rubidium atoms, just a few millimeters across, up a 10-meter-high chamber using lasers, which also gradually push the atoms into two separate states. The New Species Of Human That May Have Shared Our Caves — And Beds Discoveries in a set of Chinese caves have scientists investigating the possibility that two species of human lived in the same cave. Black Holes Have A Size Limit Of 50 Billion Suns Even gluttons can’t eat forever. When black holes at the hearts of galaxies swell to 50 billion times the mass of our sun, they may lose the discs of gas they use as cosmic feedlots. The Long History Of Birds Stealing Your Food Next time a bird is trying to steal part of your al fresco meal, don’t scare it away — you may destroy an ancient relationship. Woman Who Has Never Felt Pain Experiences It For The First Time Thanks to a laser and a drug normally prescribed for opioid overdoses, a woman born incapable of feeling pain has been hurt for the first time. Hundreds Of Giant Dinosaur Footprints Found In A Scottish Lagoon Nessie may be a mythical creature, but Scotland was once home to enormous dinosaurs that waded in shallow waters.