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Digg: nerve.com Stories Digg: nerve.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now This Robotics Designer Has A Plan For Sex To Go Social "The question is not whether it is better to have sex with a robot or sex with a human being, but whether it is better to have sex with a robot or no sex at all." Interviews From The Other Inbox In 2012, a stranger sent me a message that was sequestered to the barely-seen territory of Facebook’s Other inbox — the wasteland where strangers’ messages pile up around us — most forgotten, some replied to, and some eliciting that profound creep-chill that only truly unsolicited missives can. What resulted was a romance that hit like a 120-hour bug. Why Do So Many People Claim They Have Cherokee In Their Blood? With Thanksgiving in the air, it seemed like there was no better time to address lingering American myths and how they’ve shaken our culture. This one involves Miley Cyrus, tribes, and the most deceitful Sicilian in Hollywood. Let’s dive in. How Mississippi Is Flunking Sex Ed Prior to 2011, Mississippi schools weren’t required to teach any kind of sex ed, including instruction on HIV/STD prevention. If individual schools did choose to, they had to stress abstinence-only-until-marriage. I Went To A Completely Sober, Early Morning Rave I am about to go to a rave that starts at 6:30 am and lasts until 10:30 am. No drinks are allowed. No drugs are allowed. It’s a ritual intended to wake you up and start your day happily. A swap-out for the mechanized wake-and-work routine most of us find ourselves merry-go-rounding on at a daily lurch. Digital Swingers The couples behind Tumblr's sex blogs. The Future Of The Comic Book In A Digital World It’s a deceptively simple hobby, with complicated storytelling and intricate layers of culture and humanism hidden between speech bubbles. But what does this nostalgic pastime have in store for years to come? Not even Professor X could tell you its future. The Weird And Troubling History Of Bisexuality Studies Bisexuality can sometimes feel like a largely invisible orientation because of its historic neglect and ridicule in both the media and sciences. The Condom’s Disappearing Act As we get deeper and deeper into relationships, the presence of protection fades and fades. But with more STDs than ever before, is love putting us at high risk? Meet The Modern-Day Masters Of Sex Nobody plans on being a sex researcher when they grow up. Nobody plans to work a strain gauge between splayed legs as they measure changes in penis circumference during sexual stimulation. Nobody dreams to sit across from over-caffeinated college students who are looking to make a quick buck, having to prosaically ask, “When’s the last time you’ve had oral sex?" This Is Your Brain On A Breakup The thing about breaking up is that it’s way less fun than falling in love. It’s kind of like jumping into a pile of hot garbage. It’s also like trying to kick a cocaine habit. The Evolution Of Hate Speech On Reddit The way hate speech is being presented on the Internet has deviated drastically from the early years, before the discussion thread’s booming growth in popularity. A Comprehensive Guide To Everyone Kanye West Has Ever Compared Himself To Kanye West is many things: a father, a rapper, a fashion designer, but sometimes he is also a seagull or a woman’s brooch. A Young Adult Author’s Fantastic Crusade To Defend Literature’s Most Maligned Genre I’m not some schlocky trash-peddler. I’m a serious author, capable of far more than maudlin plot twists and clichéd dialogue. This Interactive Map Shows How Many Times Couples Have Sex Before They Get Pregnant Sure, we know the statistics about teen pregnancy, the well-worn honest-to-blog plot of "Juno," but do we ever stop to think about how many times a couple who really wants kids has sex before they conceive? Why Getting Kicked In The Balls Hurts So Damn Much When a foot (or knee or fist or errant baseball) hits a pair of testicles, a signal is sent to the brain at approximately 265 miles per hour. All The Drug References In Hip-Hop, Visualized This right here is the best data journalism we've ever seen. 'Everything Still Works Down There' "People with disabilities are perfectly capable of having sex, having romantic relationships and having one-night-stands." Watermelon Juice Is 'Nature's Viagra,' According To Science Not only is it delicious and a beautiful color, it improves blood flow, if you catch my drift. What Your Body Type Says About Your Sex Life, According To Science Do you have big hips? You probably like one-night stands.