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Digg: modernfarmer.com Stories Digg: modernfarmer.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Everything You Want To Know About Turkey Sex As we work this week to better understand the noble, deeply silly and wonderful turkey, we come to the all-important issue of, well, turkey sex. The Ghost Farms Of Colorado In the second half of the 20th century, farmers in Colorado sold their water rights to growing cities and towns. And now they have nothing left. Something’s Rotten In The Pet Food Industry In theory, the Food and Drug Administration regulates pet food. In practice, limited resources and the need to prioritize human safety have led the FDA to effectively cede federal oversight to the Association of American Feed Control Officials. The end result: few national safeguards to prevent, or even discourage, the use of questionable meat meal. Is Eating Lettuce Really Worse For The Environment Than Eating Bacon? A study that supposedly says that eating lettuce is worse for the environment than eating bacon is in fact not saying anything of the sort, and the list of caveats needed to make that statement mathematically work would run pretty long. Is America Ready For Farm-To-Table Guinea Pig? This past June, the NYC police were called to handle a case of "squirrel torture." When they arrived at the supposed crime scene, they found an immigrant from Ecuador roasting fresh guinea pig over a charcoal fire. Are Americans ready for this new furry reality? Love Cranberry Sauce? The English Probably Didn’t (At First) Of the food served on the original Thanksgiving table, food historian Joyce White says, “Venison and turkey — that’s all we really know for sure.” People Who Live Alone Have Pretty Terrible Diets A recent study found that people who live alone eat the same things over and over again — little of which include fruits and vegetables. One Of The Country's Biggest Urban Farms Will Be Built In Detroit Detroit's urban farming possibilities aren't a secret; there is nowhere else in the country with an infrastructure as big as Detroit's that contains so much city-owned or delinquent land. What's It Like To Become A Certified Tea Sommelier? High-end tea, in particular, is becoming an obsession in the food world, with restaurants like New York City's three-Michelin-star Eleven Madison Park boasting a full tea pairing with its food. The Differences Between Llamas And Alpacas At first glance, alpacas may look a lot like their camelid cousin the llama, but there are a variety of differences between these two South American animals. Our Guide To Buying Ethical Coffee Coffee, as a luxury good, has the potential to make huge changes in the way farmers are treated and paid. But how do you know if you're supporting good coffee or contributing to the problem? Scientists Discover A Way To Make Cows Fatter And Less Flatulent Cows produce obscene amounts of methane due to natural bodily processes. Previous attempts to control the problem have had hugely negative side effects — but a new one seems to avoid all the pitfalls. Have Scientists Dug Up A New Way To Stop Parasitic Plants? Parasitic plants can strangle the nutrients out of crops, steal soil real estate, and attack just as efficiently as any insect. Scientists have been attempting for many years to figure out how to fight parasitic plants, but it’s a thorny problem. How An Agricultural Weed Came To Symbolize Memorial Day It was a poem by a Canadian soldier that helped turn an agricultural weed into a symbol inexorably tied to Memorial Day in the United States and to various other days of remembrance for fallen soldiers elsewhere in the world. How Craft Distilling Could Save Small Farms Joel Elder believes the future of small farms lies in a bottle, and he wants to be the one to show farmers that booze can help their bottom line. Regulators Vote To Halt All Pacific Sardine Fishing After a desperately bad season, the Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to immediately halt this year's sardine fishing, one of the most important fish seasons in the country. What happened to all the sardines? What Plants Talk About They don’t have mouths, ears or even a brain, but according to some scientists, plants are talking all the time. We just need to understand their language. California Farmers Are Selling Water To The State Instead Of Growing Crops California's drought is so bad that farmers in Northern California are finding that their crops aren't their most valuable asset anymore — it's their water rights. So they're selling their water back to the state at crazy-high prices. A Lovely Wheat Beer Brewed With Milwaukee Wastewater Theera Ratarasarn, a wastewater engineer in Milwaukee, is one of the last people you’d expect to bring his work home with him. But he’s actually managed to combine his work with his hobby — homebrewing — to create a wastewater beer he’s named “Activated Sludge Wheat Ale.” In Memorium Of Modern Farmer Closing, Here Is Their Best Post