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Digg: mensjournal.com Stories Digg: mensjournal.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Mismanagement And Scandal In The National Park Service The year 2016 was supposed to be a happy one for the National Park Service. The Last Whale Hunt For A Vanishing Alaskan Village Above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, a half-day's journey by snowmobile from the nearest paved road or tree, a village called Kivalina sits on a slip of permanently frozen earth bracketed by water Elon Musk, Lyndon Rive, And The Plan To Put Solar Panels On Every Roof In America Now head of the embattled SolarCity, Lyndon Rive, Elon Musk's cousin, wants to see panels atop every rooftop in America. But is he flying too close to the sun? A Front-Row Seat To The Most Hedonistic, Destructive Party In Sports History Once upon a time everything was different about baseball. The best players drank beer at their lockers, chain-smoked after games, and gave belligerent quotes that the beat guys softened so a beanball war wouldn't erupt in the series finale. And the beat writers had a front-row seat. The Man Leading The Charge Against SeaWorld, Puppy Mills And Big Agra In the 12 years since he ascended to the president's seat, Wayne Pacelle has turned the Humane Society of the United States from a polite nonprofit into a Death Star opponent of industry abuses. The Legend Of Dope Lake In December, 1976 a drug-smuggling plane loaded with three tons of weed crashed in Yosemite. It was only a matter of time before the hippies tried to find it. A Bad Break: Two Surfers Murdered In Mexico Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman traveled to Mexico to surf the waves of their dreams. A roadside robbery brought that to a halt. Cuba At 4,000 Revolutions Per Minute The moment I thought I could actually die in Cuba came on the second to last day of my trip. Why UFC's Toughest Fighters Are Going Vegan Naysayers notwithstanding, more and more mixed martial arts competitors are either following the [Nate] Diaz clan’s example or speaking out about a lifetime of animal-free consumption. Meet Bobby Gunn — Champion Of The Underworld At 71-0, Bobby Gunn is the king of illicit bare-knuckle boxing. Now 42, he's fighting for something he's never known: recognition. Injustice, Texas-Style Sentenced to life for a murder he did not commit, Chris Scott lost everything: the love of his life, his two young sons, a promising future. Exonerated in 2009, he and two other ex-cons are back on the street, fighting to win freedom for more victims of the bare-knuckled Texas justice system. An American Shaman Lucas Weiss was just another dropout on the gringo trail until he landed among Ecuador's remote Secoya people. Now he's a tribal leader, heir to their revered 103-year-old shaman — and maybe their best hope for survival. The Great Whiskey Heist How one distillery worker enlisted friends, family, and a few fellow steroid enthusiasts to liberate hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of premium bourbon, one barrel at a time. Harrison Ford Flies Again With a terrifying plane crash behind him, a wildly anticipated return as "Star Wars'" Han Solo, and Steven Spielberg calling about "Indiana Jones," can Harrison Ford finally admit the force is with him? How To Mail A Rhino Years of poaching have pushed Africa's Black rhinos to the edge of extinction. A determined conservationist aims to reverse that — one 3,000-pound airmail delivery at a time. Join us tomorrow at 12pm EST for a Dialog with the author on Digg. Anthony Bourdain's World Domination Forty-eight hours in Kuala Lumpur with the luckiest chef turned writer turned professional wanderer on the planet. John McAfee: The Prophet Of Paranoia Can John McAfee, a gun-toting, vodka-swilling serial liar, save us from the hackers who want to spy on us and steal our identities? The Radical Calm of Alex Honnold A series of heart-stopping, rope-free ascents up some of the world's most forbidding pitches has given climbing something it's never had before: a household name. On the wall with a real rock star. How To Make The Best Turkey Burger Imaginable Turkey burgers have gotten a reputation for being the burgers of cowards, burgers that somehow combined the worst qualities of all burgers in one. Maybe our problem is that we keep thinking our turkey burgers should taste like beef burgers. The Death Of Golf It's expensive, difficult, and demands the kind of time most people get only when they go on vacation — or retire. From the dried up fairways of Southern California to the vacant course-side condos on the Carolina coast, we survey the sport's demise — and the entrepreneurs hoping to reinvent it for a new, less patient generation.