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Digg: inverse.com Stories Digg: inverse.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now Reports Of The Death Of The Jedi Faith Are Greatly Exaggerated A small faction of true believers is fight for government recognition. It's not going well. The Fandom Menace Without exception, Hollywood studios mandate that fans, who are invited to spend as much as they want on their fan films, not profit off their work, and the fan film has never been in a more precarious position before. Star Trek 'Tricorders' Are Coming Thanks To The XPRIZE Competition The futuristic medical devices will be able to diagnose health problems in minutes. The Mannequin Challenge Is Really A Victorian-Era Throwback Okay, so the Victorians can take credit for the standing-still part. "Tableaux" would've had more sticking power if it was paired with Rae Sremmurd, though. How McDonald's Big Mac Changed The Whole Damn World It trounced the Whopper. It's an economic index. It, arguably, opened a door to the Soviet Union. It's way, way more than two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. You Can Play 'Pokémon Go' Inside The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Are you gonna be the very best, or is a little radiation exposure gonna keep you from filling out that Pokédex? Why We Look for Aliens That Look Like Us One of the most common criticisms about the search for life is that scientists spend too much time looking for Earth-like life. Doesn’t this kind of narrow focus simply limit us from actually finding anything? Astronomers Found The Smallest, Cutest Asteroid Ever Zipping Past Earth Hey lil' neighbor. The Mystery Of Sue The Tyrannosaur's Sex Chicago's most famous skeleton is more puzzling than we thought. A Bunch Of Students Made Martin Shkreli's $750 Malaria Drug For $2 For just $20, they produced 3.7 grams of the active ingredient of Daraprim, one of the anti-parasitic drugs sold under Shkreli's drug firm, Turing Pharmaceuticals, which markets 3.7 grams at a value somewhere between $35,000 and $110,000. Automaker NextEV Unveils Electric Car That Can Hit 196 MPH utomaker NextEV has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world’s fastest electric car. The NIO EP9, revealed Monday, is capable of reaching blistering speeds of up to 196 mph, thanks to a combination of exotic technologies and engineering prowess. Scientists Are Using Seaweed To Reduce Methane Emissions In Cow Farts Joe Dorgan began feeding his cows a diet rich in seaweed eleven years ago as a way to cut costs. He soon discovered that the edible algae not only saved him money, it also made his cows healthier, even eliminating their methane-rich burps and farts. Wood-Fueled Planes Might Make Air Travel A Bit Greener On Monday, an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Arlington went off without a hitch — powered by a new biofuel blend containing forest residuals, the cast-off bits of wood from logging processes. The Quest For Snorlax One man's search for the mysterious maker of the greatest viral Pokemon video of all time. Luxembourg's Space Mining Law Is Basically 'Finder's Keepers' Luxembourg has passed a new draft law guaranteeing private space companies the rights to whatever they happen to find while digging around up there. Exploring an asteroid and come across some cool new minerals? You own those. Congrats! The Man Who Wouldn't Wait For Mars Stephen Petranek says the Red Planet isn't the ultimate goal for manned missions. It's the logical place to start. Paul Has Been Dead For 50 Years In November 9, 1966, Paul McCartney was prematurely killed, the victim of a bizarre conspiracy theory. In many ways, the hoax was also the original crazy fan theory. The Flea Market Made From Pure Internet Goodness New York's Internet Yami-Ichi un-anonymizes digital weirdness in the service of creating something even weirder. As It Turns Ten, 'Russia's Facebook' VK Is Still Vital With its Facebook-grade social networking functionality, 394 million users, 1 billion likes generated daily and 5 billion messages sent each day, why doesn't more of the English-speaking world know about VKontakte? Genetically Engineered Bacteria Will Grow Buildings On Mars This isn’t science fiction. Already, a company called BioMason is making bricks cured by bacteria rather than heat. The process produces no carbon dioxide emissions — and the energy savings are enormous.