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Digg: esquire.com Stories Digg: esquire.com Stories Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now My Father's Fling With Zsa Zsa Gabor Tom Junod writes of his father's rumored escapades with Gabor, "his story was as ludicrous as Zsa Zsa herself — as outlandish and egocentric and self-aggrandizing — but it had the ring of truth." Diego Luna Never Thought He'd Be In 'Star Wars.' Then Hollywood Changed. A galaxy far, far away finally represents our own little planet. What Was James Comey Thinking? Why did Comey upend the 2016 election? an exclusive report from inside the FBI. Jeffrey Wright (Bernard) Gives His Take On The Explosive 'Westworld' Finale The actor discusses Bernard's twist, Arnold's final decision, and where he's heading in Season two. What To Do If You've Puked All Over Your Clothes "The thing about cleaning up after you've upchucked is that the fact that it's so straightforward, which we'll get into shortly, doesn't mitigate the fact that it's, well, gross." The Other Penn State: Poly Prep's Sex Abuse Secret He was the head football coach at an elite prep school. He was also a serial pedophile who openly terrorized students for twenty-five years. So why did nobody stop him? A Poker Champion On Trump And Clinton's Tells To truly discern the truth, Politifact won't do the trick: You need someone with an uncolored, apolitical eye who makes a living by being able to tell when somebody is lying. You need a gambler. Zane Lowe Explains Why 2016 Was the Best Year Ever For Music The world-famous tastemaker on who shows him new tunes and what he really thinks of Chance the Rapper's early Kanye beats. The Russian Expat Leading The Fight To Protect America In a war against hackers, Dmitri Alperovitch and Crowdstrike are the US's special forces. Nick Offerman Explains The Pleasures Of Woodworking And Why He Won't Vote Trump The conflation of an actor's fictional character and IRL personality is a curious product of the entertainment industry. Where does the real-life human end and the imaginative minds of TV/movie writers begin? Perhaps one of the best case studies of this phenomena in recent years is of Nick Offerman and his beloved portrayal of Ron Swanson. Why The 'Black Mirror' Creator Believes That Donald Trump Will Become President Charlie Brooker has already predicted Brexit and the presidential candidate's rise. Here's what's next. How Facial Recognition Software Is Changing Porn It's a technological leap and an ethical nightmare. The Last Hour Inside The Masquerade Party At Snctm Sex Club (NSFW) Scenes from the last hour of Snctm's masked orgy. Style Lessons From The Week's Best Dressed Men Take notes. Jake Gyllenhaal And Ben Affleck Show You The Right (And Wrong) Way To Wear A Suit As demonstrated by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Affleck. The Trump Campaign's Collateral Damage Remembering the Trump Train's most unwitting victims. Prince's Tour Bus Driver Explains How To Avoid #Poopghazi You need to put a cap on it. 8 Underrated War Films Everyone Should See Sure, you know "Saving Private Ryan" and "Apocalypse Now," but true movie buffs should see these eight war films. Why Jon Hamm Doesn't Miss Playing Don Draper One year after the end of "Mad Men," Jon Hamm is ready to look past Don Draper and ask, "What's next?" Why Would ISIS Recruit An Autistic Teen From Alabama? Peyton Pruitt was just released from prison, but not long ago, the FBI accused the disabled teenager of coordinating with ISIS.