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An Over-Engineering Story …From 1858 : Adam Bien's Weblog Adam Bien's Weblog « Java FX 2 Data Bindi... | Main | EJB 3.1 or CDI Manag... » An Over-Engineering Story …From 1858 That was built in such a logical way It ran a hundred years to a day, And then, ... went to pieces all at once, -- All at once, and nothing first, -- Just as bubbles do when they burst. From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overengineering . Here the whole Deacon's Masterpiece story . Posted at 11:11AM Jan 02, 2012 by Adam Bien , Comments[1]  | Views/Hits: 344 NEW workshop: HTML 5 and JavaScript Essentials , Three days in April 2017: from Java EE 7 Architectures over Microservices to Performance, Troubleshooting and Monitoring On demand workshops: Java EE 7: Bootstrap, Effective, Testing and Microservices available for streaming. Newsletter: airhacks.news A book about rethinking Java EE Patterns Comments: Hi, Considering over-engineering, i have read both your books and seen you latest JAX 2011 presentation. I see how ECB pattern works and seems a rather good approach. Have you any thoughts on DDD and CQRS in Java and how that might effect a programmers desicion. I ask this because generally CQRS is big in .net not so much Java (axon framework seems a bit promising). I am asking since another presentation was the Disruptor in JAX 2011 and does seem to fit with ideas such as CQRS and EventSourcing. Thanks, Dimitri Posted by Dimitri on January 12, 2012 at 03:16 PM CET # Post a Comment: Name: E-Mail: URL: Notify me by email of new comments Remember Information? Your Comment: HTML Syntax: NOT allowed Number of posts: 1594 Number of comments: 5869 Yesterday's hits: 25314 Today's hits: 3044 Post reads / hour: 1340 Top posts: Java 8 FlatMap Example : Adam Bien's Weblog 91028 Java 8: Reading A File Into A String : Adam Bien's Weblog 54903 Delving into JSF Scaffolding with JPA on Netbeans 6.1 : Adam Bien's Weblog 46733 Java 7+: Writing A String To File--A One Liner : Adam Bien's Weblog 36469 Reading InputStream Into String With Java 8 : Adam Bien's Weblog 31266 Java 8: From Ordinary For-Loop To An IntStream : Adam Bien's Weblog 24593 Building Perfect Anti-Facades - Almost Without Layers, For Better Maintaina[...] 23670 JAX-RS: Returning A List Of Instances, Problem and Solution : Adam Bien's W[...] 21586 Adam Bien (Comments) 19121 Trending (last hour): How Big Is An Java Object? : Adam Bien's Weblog 2 Fluent Interface Pattern with EJB 3 and JPA - a working sample : Adam Bien'[...] 1 CommunityOne New York City - And The Title Of My Session Was Slightly Chang[...] 1 Effective Java EE Workshop Available For Streaming And Drm-Free Download : [...] 1 "20 Years of Java", 15th Airhacks.tv and Answers for the Questions : Adam B[...] 1 about.adam-bien.com blog archives realworldpatterns.com Real World Java EE Patterns Rethinking Best Practices Order from amazon.de Order from amazon.com Online Workshops ...the last 150 posts GlassFish on Steroids, Micro, Full, Clouds and Commercial Support--An Interview With Dominika Tasarz Load Balancing Microservices With Docker, nginx and TomEE Accidental Spring Evangelism, Rolling Updates, Log Management, Exception Factories, Docker, Queuing Choices or 33rd airhacks.tv Java EE 8 News, Central Logs, Layering, Util, ExceptionFactories, JDBC in Docker, DTOs, Lombok--Or 33rd airhacks.tv TomEE 7.0.2 Full--Docker Smoke Test Slicing The Monolith--With Java EE And Docker HTTP Status Code Test Service: statustest Custom Matchers, Better Messages: JAX-RS Client Rulz v0.0.4 released New Java EE Related Docker Images Arrived: Docklands Adding And Substracting Path Instances With Java How Many "Util"(-ities) Classes Ship With Java 8? Class Naming: Suffix "Util" Is Evil Slideless Microservices From Oredev Unwrapping Exceptions With ApplicationException Microservices Simplify Exception Handling in JAX-RS Serializing POJOs With Custom Content-Type In JAX-RS 2.x MessageFormat as Built-In Template Engine JVM, RAM, Docker, Configuration and JNDI, gRPC, ORMs, Load Balancers or 32nd airhacks.tv gRPC, Appservers, Docker, ORMs, Security, Transparent Proxies or Questions for the 32nd airhacks.tv Payara Micro And Docker Speed Comparison: yarns vs. npm "High Performance Java EE" from HighLoad Conf Upcoming (some free) JUGs, Online Streaming Sessions And Workshops IMWorld Session: Building "Mobile First" Applications With The Killer Microservice Platform Java 8 CompletableFuture Example Implementing Health Checks With Docker News: Java EE 8/9, JavaOne, Gateways, Service Registries, API Design, Monitoring or 31st airhacks.tv Java EE 8, JavaOne Impressions, REST APIs, JDK vs. openJDK, API Gateways, Load Balancing, Event Sourcing, Clusters or Questions for the 31st airhacks.tv Q&A Building A No-Dependencies, Plain JavaScript App With Java EE Backend Building A React Application With Java EE Backend Building An Angular 2 Application With Java EE 7 Backend Load Balancing Java EE Microservices The Ingredients and Roadmap of Rebooted Java EE 8 and 9 Jav