afterburner.fx v1.7.0 "Branch Terminator" Released : Adam Bien's Weblog

afterburner.fx v1.7.0 "Branch Terminator" Released : Adam Bien's Weblog Adam Bien's Weblog « @Stateless As JAX-RS... | Main | MVC, MVP, IoC, DI or... » afterburner.fx v1.7.0 "Branch Terminator" Released afterburner.fx is an opinionated MVP framework with built-in, conventional Dependency Injection implemented by a single class. The v1.7.0 release comes with swappable DI mechanism. An extensible DI enables the contributors to implement project-specific conventions and will so eliminate many open pull request. The release v1.7.0 also deprecates the "Top Gun" branch. To create your own Injector: Implement the functional interface: com.airhacks.afterburner.injection.PresenterFactory Specify the fully qualified name of the implementation in the file: META-INF/services/com.airhacks.afterburner.injection.PresenterFactory A no-op injector already ships with afterburner.fx as a part of the unit test: public class DebuggingInjector implements PresenterFactory { @Override public <T> T instantiatePresenter(Class<T> clazz, Function<String, Object> injectionContext) { System.out.println("--- clazz " + clazz + " context " + injectionContext); return Injector.instantiatePresenter(clazz, injectionContext); } } Checkout github.com/AdamBien/afterburner.fx . The v1.7.0 is already available in maven central: <dependency> <groupId>com.airhacks</groupId> <artifactId>afterburner.fx</artifactId> <version>1.7.0</version> </dependency> Also take a look at: github.com/Naoghuman/NetBeansIDE-AfterburnerFX-Plugin See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Workshops / consulting . Is Munich's airport too far? Learn from home: airhacks.io . Posted at 01:03PM Apr 27, 2016 by Adam Bien , Comments[0]  | Views/Hits: 200 NEW workshop: HTML 5 and JavaScript Essentials , Three days in April 2017: from Java EE 7 Architectures over Microservices to Performance, Troubleshooting and Monitoring On demand workshops: Java EE 7: Bootstrap, Effective, Testing and Microservices available for streaming. Newsletter: airhacks.news A book about rethinking Java EE Patterns Comments: Post a Comment: Name: E-Mail: URL: Notify me by email of new comments Remember Information? Your Comment: HTML Syntax: NOT allowed Number of posts: 1617 Number of comments: 5897 Yesterday's hits: 22447 Today's hits: 17115 Post reads / hour: 936 Top posts: Adam Bien 325982 Adam Bien's Weblog 82687 Java 8: Reading A File Into A String : Adam Bien's Weblog 73078 Java 7+: Writing A String To File--A One Liner : Adam Bien's Weblog 46931 Simplest Possible EJB 3.1 / REST (JSR-311) Component : Adam Bien's Weblog 23768 Client-Side HTTP Basic Access Authentication With JAX-RS 2.0 : Adam Bien's [...] 21435 Don't use JPA's RESOURCE_LOCAL on the server : Adam Bien's Weblog 16996 Trending (last hour): HA Singletons, Clouds vs. On-Prem, Messaging and Message Ordering, UI-Stack[...] 3 Java 7+: Writing A String To File--A One Liner : Adam Bien's Weblog 2 The Difference Between SOA and Microservices Architectures : Adam Bien's Weblog 1 SAP's NetWeaver Cloud Application Server Is Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified[...] 1 Do You Know Any Container-Less App? : Adam Bien's Weblog 1 about.adam-bien.com blog archives realworldpatterns.com Real World Java EE Patterns Rethinking Best Practices Order from amazon.de Order from amazon.com Online Workshops ...the last 150 posts HA Singletons, Clouds vs. On-Prem, Messaging and Message Ordering, UI-Stack Options, Swagger, Code Coverage or 36th airhacks.tv Pushing Full Profile Java EE Applications To Amazon EC2 Container Service 20+ Topics in 45 mins -- 35th airhacks.tv Questions and Answers JPA and Microservices, RxJava, CRUD and TX, Gradle, Cross Field Validation, Licensing, MDA or Topics For The 35th airhacks.tv JSON Is The New Data Transfer Object (DTO) Asynchronous WAR To WAR Communication With WebSockets Creating A CustomElement (WebComponent) From Scratch 60k eBills per Hour, Tiny WARs -- Or Java EE 7 In Mass Billing and Public Services Market in Slovenia Launching Java EE Thin WARs In The Clouds Upcoming Cloud, Microservice, Web and Java EE Events Importance of Java EE, JCP, Java EE Guardians and Microprofile--Interview With Reza Rahman Java 8 Base64 Encoding / Decoding Java 8 partitioningBy Example Java 8 groupingBy Example Java Is #1 In January 2017 Spring Boot vs. Wordpress, SOAP Rocks, CDI CMT, Reactive vs. Blocking IO, or 34th airhacks.tv is available 2017 Predictions Java EE vs. Spring, State of Microprofile, Is SOAP nice? Oracle targets non-payers or the topics for the 1.2017 / 34th airhacks.tv My Blog is a Personal Notepad Java 8: Converting An Array To A Stream Scalable, Productive, Decoupled, Resilient and Hacky New 2017! How To Maximize Fun In Enterprise Projects URL Templates With JAX-RS GlassFish on Steroids, Micro, Full, Clouds and Commercial Support--An Interview With Dominika Tasarz Load Balancing Microservices With Docker, nginx and TomEE Accidental Spring Evangelism, Rolling Updates, Log Management, Except